Our Beliefs

Lakeview Baptist Church is an evangelical, bible believing church.  We hold to the inerrancy of the Holy Scriptures, and believe what they teach about God, Man, and Jesus Christ.  We hold that these views are best represented by the doctrinal confession of the Southern Baptist Convention. You may read The Baptist Faith and Message here.

Our Mission

To minister to the needs of all people through Jesus Christ.

Our Story

Lakeview Baptist Church was concieved in the hearts of a small group of people in the 1970’s.  The group began meeting in the homes of the members and after much prayer and patience, the Lord led this group to purchase the land on which the building now resides.  The Church was originally envisioned as one reaching the crowds as they travel back and forth to Lake Thunderbird.  This small body of believers is a loving family and welcomes all who would choose to come worship with us.

Meet Our Leaders

Mike Butler


Dr. Mike Butler is the new Pastor of Lakeview Baptist Church in Norman. Pastor Mike has three earned degrees and has pastored four churches during his 38 year ministry in Oklahoma. After surgery to remove a tumor from his spinal cord, Pastor Mike was left with limited use of his left leg and ten years ago was declared permanently disabled. He considers himself medically retired, and as the Lord wills, plans to give his last years in volunteer ministry to reaching the homeless community in Norman. Pastor Mike, and his wife Gerri, are the parents of 4 grown children and one granddaughter.

Rick Whipple

Music Director